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Why Mandarin Chinese?

  • Mandarin is spoken by approx. 1 billion people.  It is considered an important “world language” by the US Departments of States and Defense.
  • China is a country of growing global importance, with rapidly increasing trade, manufacturing and cultural links to the rest of the world.
  • Learning Mandarin will prepare our children to be versatile and competitive in the future global workforce

Interesting Video from the Asia Society about learning Chinese

US Kids should learn Chinese article:



What are the benefits of immersion?

  • Enhances a scholar's mental development and intellectual growth
  • Achieves proficiency in both English and the target language
  • Increases understanding of of other cultures
  • Improves overall school performance and problem-solving skills
  • Gains access to more career choices and opportunities

What is Mandarin Immersion?


Immersion is a unique educational experience with the goal of developing bilingualism,biliteracy and multiculturalism in students. It is an educational model that provides academic instruction in English as well as in a target language--in our case, Mandarin Chinese. The goals of an immersion program are for students to:
1. Develop high levels of language proficiency in both English and the target language (Mandarin)

2. To demonstrate high levels of academic achievement in both English and the target language (Mandarin)

3. To develop an appreciation and an understanding of diverse cultures. 

The MIP Program  here at Bergeson is a one-way immersion model and therefore no prior exposure to Mandarin is needed.  This was determined by our student population and the percentage of students in each language group (predominately English speaking). We integrate Mandarin into everyday curriculum and our program is designed for our students to develop communication and literacy skills in both Mandarin and English. Research shows that the earlier a child is introduced to a language, the greater the likelihood that he or she will become truly proficiency in that language. 

Below are some articles about immersion in general, as well as Mandarin Immersion (great resource for parents of MI scholars)


Useful Websites for home

Mandarin Langauge Learning Resource Page (Videos for home)

Mandarin Language Learning Resource Page

MIP Mandarin Learning Resource Page

Videos (by topic)


What's your name song (ni Jiao shenme mingzi?)



ni hao ma song (by former MIP student Aaron Fang)




The Grumpy Tree (have your scholar point out the different shapes to you in Chinese!)

Shapes Song:



colors pocoyo

Colors Song

color show

Rainbow song


Occupations/Community Helpers


Qiao Hu- See a Dr.

Qiao Hu- Doctor

Bob the Builder- Engineer-


Qiao Hu- Chef

Groovi Pauli- Seeing the Nurse


4 Seasons/Weather

Weather song (slightly different than our version but good review)

rock paper scissors=clothes based on weather and shapes

Groovi Pauli- Summer time is here


Places in the Community

Where are you going?

Qiao hu- where did the vegetables go?

Qiao hu- where is my friend song

Tutitu amusement park-

Qiao hu- sea amusement park

Qiao hu- amusement park puzzle




Qiao hu- fruit salad

Qiao hu- eating food

Qiao hu- Carrot show

Fruit and Veggie show

Qiao hu- Fruit song

Qiao hu- Healthy Foods song

Fruits Song:

MoMo Fruits Song-

Qiao Hu- Healthy Eating

This is a longer Qiao Hu Video that has fruits- really like the fruit theme-park song at about 30 minutes in)

part 1

Part 2

Groovi Pauli- what do you like to eat?

Fruit Video (Groovi Pauli)

Fruit rap:




Animal Song:

Panda Video:


Animal Hand Movements:

Farm Animals:

MOMO Animals Sounds Song:

MOMO Animal Sounds Song 2:

Groovi Pauli-where do the animals live

Mouse Chant

3 Little Pigs

Farm Animals:
Qiao Hu- Farm Song *Old McDonald-

Another version:

Qiao Hu- Good Morning Farm-

Qiao Hu At the Farm Video-

Qiao Hu- Interesting Farm -

Qiao Hu- Animal Guessing Game:



Ocean Animals

Qiao Hu Ocean Animals

Qiao Hu- Ocean Animals 2-

Qiao Hu- Ocean Animals 3-

Qiao Hu- Ocean Animals 4-



Qiao hu puppets- aquarium

Jelly Fish-



Where is the Bee?

Bug Flies Song-

Hungry Hungry Caterpillar-

Hungry Hungry Caterpillar 2-

QiaoHu- Bugs-

Qiao Hu- caterpillar -

Qiao Hu- Ladybug-

QiaoHu-Bug wants to go home-



Qiao Hu Numbers Song

Qiao Hu Number Comparisons

Qiao Hu Numbers Comparisons 2

10 Little Friends Sleeping

Qiao Hu 1-10

Numbers Song

Where are my Friends Song




How old are you song (Ni ji sui?)


School Supplies/School

 What’s in your backpack?

Backpack video 2

Qiao Hu- Readyu for school



Shopping & Clothes

Qiao Hu Shopping with mom:

Qiao Hu Shopping

Buying Bread

Qiao Hu- Shopping for Clothes

Qiao Hu-

Qiao Hu 2-

Qiao Hu-Clothes & Weather-

Clothes & Weather-


Qiao Hu- What time is it?

Study Time with Qiao Hu

Time Flower

Time rap

Qiao Hu What time is it 2

Telling time


Months/Dates/Days of the Week

Days of the week song:

Days of the week review

Months Song


Family & Homes

Where’s my house

Qiao Hu- I like my family

My Family

My Grandparents



QiaoHu- Transportation

Qiao Hu- Transportation Safety Song

Qiao Hu Transportation

Qiao Hu- Interesting Transportation

Location Words/Directions

Groovi Pauli Directions-



Body Parts/5 senses

Body Song1:

Body Song 2:

Body Song 3:

Body Video:



Qiao Hu Comparisons (small, medium, big)

Qiao Hu-

Qiao Hu- Comparing Height:

Comparing Teeth-

Comparing length:

MOMO Comparisons:

Qiao Hu- Comparing Numbers:      

Fast and Slow (Groovi Pauli)

Up and Down (Groovi Pauli)





Qiao Hu- Save Money

Qiao Hu- Going to the Market

Qiao Hu- Not buying it





Groovi Pauli- Where are you from?




Qiao Hu- Sorry

Qiao Hu- Saying sorry

Qiao Hu- Say nice words, don’t be mad

Groovi Pauli- Angry

Groovi Pauli- Sad

Groovi Pauli- Happy

Groovi Pauli- Scared

Groovi Pauli- I am sick

Groovi Pauli- I am bored

Groovi Pauli- Sleepy






Groovi Pauli- Swimming

Groovi Pauli- Afraid to swim

Groovi Pauli- Favorite classes

Groovi Pauli- Weekend

Qiao Hu- Playing Safely

Qiao Hu- Playing together


Qiao Hu- Sports

Qiao Hu- Super Exercise together

Qiao Hu- Sports Meet GoGoGo

Qiao Hu- Exercise

Groovi Pauli Exercise Video





Happy Birthday Qiao Hu

Birthday Song


Chinese Festivals/Chinese Zodiac

2014 CNY Video


extra zodiac videos

Story of the Nian

Chinese New Year Video (Groovi Pauli)

and Lion Dance (Groovi Pauli)

Dragon Boat Festival

Moon Festival


Ye Dan Kuai Le:
Santa Claus is Coming to Town Song (Groovi Pauli)

Qiao Hu Christmas Episode (not religious):

DisneyJr. Happy Winter Treasure Day-

Jingle Bells (Chinese)


Thanksgiving story-

Thanksgiving Song-

Friends of MIP

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